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"AWAKE is a thrilling speculative adventure, with an action-packed plot that never wavers..."

- Lisa Butts for IndieReader

"An original techno-psychological thriller that captures the essence and surrealism of dreams with a sinister edge..." - Lee Hall for Reedsy Discovery

Plagued by nightmares, ever since an attack that left him scarred for life as a boy, Edward Morrison's only solace was computers. This obsession, over years in isolation, made him the most famous VR game designer in the world.


Success gave Edward the chance to build a Dream Simulator for controlling nightmares, but when his boss demands the machine ahead of schedule, strange events start blurring the lines of reality.


In a race against time, they must awaken a comatose subject from the mysterious anomaly that threatens to bring Edward's most horrifying nightmare to life.

Awake Ebook cover
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"A beautifully constructed cautionary tale based on a true story of ambition and redemption."
~Joey Madia, Reedsy

"A charming campus semi-romance set against the historical drama of the 1907 Quebec Bridge collapse, Andrew Palmer's THE BRIDGE is a colorful and enjoyable novel packed with genuine heart and fascinating history." ~Rob Errera, IndieReader

Based on the Quebec Bridge Disaster of 1907, The Bridge began as a screenplay. From its dedication—“Big Tech: Actions have consequences”—and opening quote from Margaret Meade—“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world”—the author emphasizes the seriousness of the subject matter.

In the present, the protagonists are Ben and Esther, senior-year engineering students at a Canadian university. Ben is a short-cut taking, system-gaming partier; Esther is serious and astute. When their professor pairs them for an Ethics project, sparks fly as they unpack the events of the Disaster.

Using their project as a literary device, Palmer goes back in time to the precipitating events and tragic culmination, out of which, with the support of Kipling, came the advent of the Iron Ring ceremony (which the author knows firsthand). In a private ritual, graduating engineers are given a ring of iron—rough-cut so it snags—which they wear on their left pinkie as a reminder of the seriousness of their work and its potential consequences.

Our hero in the past is Alec, a laborer and gifted engineer. A newlywed and soon to be father, Alec is motivated to make the most of the bridge project. Reminiscent of Follett’s Pillars of the Earth (and Titanic, which continues to loom like a spectre) we see how the engineers, site managers, labor supervisors, and laborers (“skywalkers”) constellate around the project, representing different levels of meaning and engagement. For some, it’s a paycheck. For others, a stepping-stone to promotion. For others, like New York–based designer Cardinal, it’s about prestige.

Cardinal’s set in opposition to the local consulting engineer, McDougall, the archetype of the Warner who sees the flaws in the design, as do the supervisors, as the project proceeds, but to whom Cardinal won’t listen.

As Palmer deftly navigates parallel timelines, moving each to its inevitable climax, there’s growth, realization, betrayal, loss of life, and several secrets revealed.

As a historical novelist and teaching-artist, I’m conscious of the dangers of looking at the morality of the past through modern lenses; Palmer’s approach is flawless. The whole point is that Ben’s slacker mindset is not commensurate with the role of the engineer. Considering the Silver Bridge Disaster of 1967 and the Minneapolis bridge collapse forty years later, The Bridge is a novel with gravitas, told by a storyteller with the necessary knowledge and skill. 

~Joey Madia, ReedsyDiscovery @joeymadia

Whirlwind Cover


Love makes its own happiness."

...or so Yvonne's fiancé tells her, on the very night he is killed by the German blitz. Grief-stricken, Yvonne throws herself into her work for the Royal Air Force, trying desperately to forget her lost love.

She hasn't counted on Edward Morrison, a Canadian pilot, the man who makes her believe in love again.

And she hasn't counted on the fact that when the war is over at last, their most difficult trials will only have begun....


Dark Frontier

It all began when Kerrigan Gates invented the fusion core engine—a new technology he promised would solve all the world’s problems and eliminate its dependence on fossil fuel. 

But some things are easier said than done. 


Dark Frontier, an epic science fiction chronicle, details the turbulent and uncertain years following The Fusion Revolution, and the lives of the brave men and women staking their claim on precious resources across the solar system. 


Life can be dangerous, especially in the asteroid establishments, and the Corporate Cold War has left the Kerrigan Gates Organization on Mars with an enormous corporate debt.

Employees of the KGO who built the asteroid mines are burdened with paying it off, forcing them to live as indentured servants. Whispers of war and rebellion are on everyone’s lips. Tension starts to mount. Finally, a spark ignites unprecedented levels of protest, resentment, and corporate treason. 

Amid the escalating chaos, heroes emerge; courageous individuals emboldened to take up arms against the corrupt establishment. Their passion drives them to fight for sovereignty, and for their natural born rights as KGO employees.Most of all they fight for each other, and realize that a people united under the flag of a new nation can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

Dark Frontier Cover
Dark Frontier Volume I cover
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Volume I: The Awakening

A decade after Sovereign Mars gains control of the Asteroid Mining Establishments, KG Organization's monopoly over the Aresian economy boarders on tyranny.

The enactment of an Asteroid Ore Tariff stirs resentment among working class miners, and a scorned Colonel -of the Vesta militia- incites riots throughout the Dark Frontier.

On the other side of the solar system, a computer technician with augmented eye-sight makes one of the most important discoveries in human history...
These two, along with a wealthy heir to an interplanetary shipping fleet, and a prudent upstanding lawyer, must work together to fight for their rights as natural-born Marsers!