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"THE HUMAN RACE" thrusts viewers into the riveting world of spaceship racing in 2053, where renowned engineer Alex Striker is hired to revitalize the faltering Orion Racing team, and propels them towards a Solar System Championship.
As Striker navigates corporate intrigue and personal challenges, the team's quest for victory takes a cosmic turn, forever altering humanity's destiny and signaling a new era of interstellar cooperation.
Get ready for a pulse-pounding journey that defies gravity and reshapes the boundaries of possibility!

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The critically acclaimed novel by Andrew Palmer is being produced as a feature film in Unreal Engine, using Movella motion caption technology.

Awake was nominated for Best Feature Screenplay at the Best Script Award Film Festival.



(In Development)

Created by multi-award winning West Coast

screenwriter Ian Weir, and Andrew Palmer.

TOMMY MRJANOVICH is a gregarious ex-boxer who spent half a century building a tow-truck empire in metropolitan Toronto. Then he’s felled by a stroke, during a roadside altercation with a pair of rival tow-truck drivers – steroid-jacked gangbangers with ties to the drug-trade. As shock-waves spread, Tommy’s son-in-law KRIS AHMED – a one-time Special Forces sniper – steps up to fill the old man’s size-14s. He moves quicky to counter the threat posed by DEZ KINCAID, the gang-linked owner of an upstart towing outfit, who sees his chance to seize new turf. But the existential danger will come from the last source Kris could have imagined: his wife ANKA, Tommy’s whip-smart daughter and the love of Kris’s life. Anka is prepared to go much further in her zeal to avenge her father – and she’s already fatally compromised.



Ep. 1 - That Escalated Quickly
Official Trailer

The tale of Yuki vs. Panda is so epic in scope, that mere words cannot do it justice... but we'll give it a shot.


Yuki Lee is your average, everyday, martial arts prodigy with mystical powers, but despite her awesome skills and fantastic strength, all she really wants to be is... well, a teenager.

This life path is something her grandfather and instructor, Master Lee, neither understands nor condones -having spent nearly two decades training her as a champion fighter. Unfortunately, as teenagers do, Yuki rebels against her rigid and structured life to dabble in the world of shiny lip gloss and boy bands.

Lurking in the shadows, a mysterious figure from Yuki's past is about to make his presence known...

like, BIG TIME.

If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s a giant panda bear who's come to exact sweet, sweet, ice-cold revenge on our beloved Yuki. The plan is quite simple: KILL HER!


Oh, and by the way, if the two don't make amends and team up to defeat a powerful evil force, the universe gets destroyed... no big deal.

Check out the Yuki vs. Panda Season 1 trailer!

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The Bridge Poster

The screenplay by Andrew Palmer & Robyn Miller was recently nominated for Best Feature Screenplay at the Best Script Award Film Festival.


(In Development)


An image on a road trip inspired lyrics that would eventually become the song Endless Road.

The main theme of freedom was really brought to life through the incredible moments captured by our videographers travelling the world from Greece, to Thailand, and sunny California.

The production design and visual effects are an homage to classic 90's films 

Joe versus the Volcano and Pleasantville.

Endless Road was Semi-Finalist at FAME International Film Festival in Western New York and WORLD Film Festival Los Angeles, in addition to being Official Selection for the 2018 Southeastern International Film Festival in Nashville, TN. 

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"Big Blind" - Stacked Odds
stacked odds
(In Development)

This outrageous comedy redefines the tournament contest of Cars, mixed with the colosseum danger of  Gladiator, and the tongue in cheek humour of Sausage Party:


A precocious player Chip navigate the dangerous gambit of the Globalcor Poker Tour, along with a headstrong female Queenie, a wise old musician Big Blind, as he confronts an existential dilemma upon realizing he is a slave to game.


MWS Pitch video

This production was for an internally distributed corporate video for Optus Capital and their Eddy Solutions Products for water damage protection. The video was designed to pitch their water meter to insurance companies and other clients.